Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'd rather be...making cookies for my sister :)

If you don't mind I'm going to brag about my baby sister.  This past weekend she graduated from Kansas State University as a doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  She has worked really hard for the past several years in order to reach her dream of being a vet.  She has wanted this since she was a little girl.  Unlike myself, she has always seemed to know what she wanted to be when she grew up!  So when I learned of the date of her graduation ceremony, I decided to make some cookies as a small token to show her how proud I am.

In honor of my sister's awesome accomplishment I thought a plate of kitties and puppies would be appropriate.  We have always had a full house of furry, four-legged babies.  There is just something so pure about the love of an animal!  I also included some dog bones decorated with the KSU purple.

I will point out that the brown bear looking cookies are supposed to be puppies.  I took a large metal cupcake cookie cutter and stretched it to make a shape that as closely fit the desired shaped as possible.  It was pretty easy to change the shape of the cookie cutter and at a $1 its a pretty inexpensive way to custom made cookie cutter.  I wasn't expecting the cookie to spread so much.  I'm still looking in to how to keep my cookies from spreading so much.  The smaller ones didn't spread but the big puppies spread quite a bit. 
Here is what the cookies were supposed to look like:

Super cute right?!  I might try this guy again as I think he is super cute.  My attempt wasn't bad, but I definitely have room for improvement.

I really enjoyed making these cookies for her!  She has worked really hard and I can't wait to see what an amazing vet she'll become!  Plus I fully expect free vet service for all my four-legged babies whenever she is around ;)

I just have to throw in this pic of my sister and my munchkin!  Munchkin loves her aunt to pieces and can't wait to fly on a plane and visit her in Virginia!

Happy Baking to you!

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  1. Super cute Erin! Thanks for baking those delicious cookies! And I can't wait for Mak to come visit me either :)