Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'd rather be...making a sweet sixteen cake

I was lucky enough to get to make a special cake for a very special girl!  Lizzy turned sixteen this past May and because she is so fun I wanted to make a cake that was just a fun as she is!  To do so I wanted the inside to be as fun as the outside.  I had already decided to use bright colors to decorate the outside.  I LOVE bright, bold colors.  They very much appeal to my personality.  Most of the time I need to tame my choices down because bright isn't appropriate for every event-but this time I thought the brighter, the better!

So back to making the inside be as fun as the outside.  This is my new favorite trick.  People are always surprised when they cut into the cake and find out what is waiting for them.  And the thing is, its so simple!  Simply make a white cake mix (either from a box or from scratch) and add the coloring of your choice.  I use either Americolor or Wilton gel coloring.  Remember a little goes a long way.  Add a few drops and mix.

If you want to have more then one color in your cake, simply divide the batter into seperate bowls.  I chose to make this cake bright pink with lime green polka dots.  To make a design, pour the base color in first and then spoon/pour the second color into the pan.  You don't need to stir or shake the pan.  The colors will bake just as you put them in.

Here is a pic of my sweet, sweet helper!  She is always encouraging me and sharing wonderful ideas to help make my projects better :)

Here is the final cake.  It was so fun to make a cake for Lizzy!  I haven't been doing this for long but get a little stronger each time.  So for all of you out there just starting out like me, keep at it!  With each cake, cookie or any other sweet baked good you make there is an opportunity to learn something new.

Happy baking!